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The Australian Institute for Narrative Care visualises a community of healthy and resilient families and family members, empowered to minimise the detrimental causes and effects of extreme distress.

Narrative Care is a therapeutic approach focused on treating trauma and stressor related disorders and conditions, through the skillful and caring reformation of personal verbal and written accounts. 

The Australian Institute for Narrative Care therefore studies the neuro-biology and therapeutic value of verbal and written accounts in response to traumatic and stressor related events.

The  Australian Institute for Narrative Care also provides and promotes services for families and family members suffering from extreme distress... read more!

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'Stress Audit'

This free online stress audit questionnaire is aimed at individuals experiencing distress!

Just click here, fill out the Stress Audit Questionnaire, and we will send you a free Stress Audit Summary!

We  will also have a detailed Stress Audit Report ready at your request.

Individuals & Couples - $50 / 60 min. session. Daily. Read more!
'Caring Communication for Couples'
Workshop - $100. 11/03/17, 24/03/17, 06/05/17, 12/08/17, 28/10/17. Read more!
'Resilience in the Face of Extreme Distress'
Seminar - $50 / module. TBA.
'Narrative Care'
Certificate Courses - $50 / module. 22/02/17. Read more!

'Mind your Body'

Mindfulness Program - $50 / module. TBA. Read more! 

of the Australian Institute for Narrative Care

Consider signing up as an AINC member, alligning yourself with our vision, and getting access to the professional and specialised services we provide and promote at reduced cost... read more!

Books related to Narrative Care published on line by AINC

Stress Therapy: A Pastoral Family-therapeutic approach based on an Eco-hermeneutic Paradigm.

Narrative Care: Developing Resilience in the Face of Extreme Distress (A Neuro-biological approach adhearing to the principles of Neuropsychotherapy) -

  • This book is still in process
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